Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

How much space is required per teepee?

The space required is 130cm x 160cm per teepee. Please measure your space before hand and ensure that you have removed any furniture from the room that needs to be moved to allow enough space. If on the day of set up your room is not big enough for the amount of teepees you have ordered, we will not be able to refund you for those teepees, as we would not be able to re-hire them at such short notice. We are not insured to move furniture, and doing so would impact on the set up time of the next party waiting for set up.

How do I book?

Please contact us to check availability, with your preffered package, and address and we will do our best to accommodate your requests. For indoor parties a £25 non-refundable deposit to secure your date is required. The remaining balance, plus £50 refundable damage deposit is required 4 weeks before the party date. The damage deposit of £50 is fully refundable no later than 48 hours of the return of goods, provided there are no damages to equipment. For bell tent hire a £100 damage deposit is taken, for multiple tent hire the deposit may be higher please contact me for details. Payment can be made via BACS from any UK bank account, or through paypal. In the unlikely event that equipment should be stolen this BACS/Paypal information will serve as identification to any relevant bodies that should need to be aware of the hirers identity.

What bedding do you bring?

Unlike other companies that we know of we bring beds, all themed bedding, pillows with hygienic waterproof pillow cases underneath the cotton covers for hygiene purposes. This give you the added benefit of not needing to ask guests to bring their own bedding. All bedding is freshly laundered after each party, teepees and all soft furnishings are spot cleaned, disinfected and steam cleaned to ensure optimum hygiene.

How much space is required per bell tent?

A 4m bell tent requires 6m x 6m of flattish land to be able to secure guide ropes. A 5m bell tent requires 7m x 7m of flattish land to be able to secure guide ropes. Please measure the space before hand to ensure that you are not disapointed on the day. If there is not enough space to be able to set up, the land is not flat enough, or in suitable condition then Im afraid we will not be able to erect the tent.

Terms & Conditions of hire

Please do not be alarmed by the T's and C's below. Just to cover our backs we have to do the legal bit. Please read the below terms and conditions of hire which we will ask you to confirm that you have read and accept before hire. • Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that there is enough space for outdoor tents to be erected, and sufficient space indoors for teepees and beds to be erected. We will not be able to move furniture, the space should be clear and ready for our arrival. • A non - refundable deposit of £25 Is payable on booking.
The remaining balance plus a security deposit of £100 for bell tents and £50 for indoor hires is payable 4 weeks before the party to secure the booking .
• The security deposit covers any loss, damage, theft, breakages or any extra cleaning that may be required .
• The security deposit minus any deductions at cost, will be repaid to the hirer as soon as possible but no later than within 2 working days.
• Sunset Sleepovers accept no responsibility or liability for damage or theft of any property left in tents for the duration of the hire period.
• Sunset Sleepovers accept no responsibility or liability for any injuries or damage to any member of your party that may occur for the duration of the hire period.
• Sunset Sleepovers will deliver goods as described on the website under the agreed package on the date and approximate time as agreed with hirer.
• It is your responsibility to ensure that food and drink items supplied as part of the package by Sunset Sleepovers are suitable for consumption by party guests, and take into account any allergies etc, and to ration the amount of goods that is suitable for any particular child.
• It is your responsibility to check that the nail varnishes, remover and equipment that is provided is suitable for party guests. We cannot be held responsible for any allergies or adverse reactions that could occur to any person as we do not know their medical backgrounds.
• Sunset Sleepovers reserve the right to refuse to pitch our tents in the event of extreme unsuitable ground conditions. We will always do our best to ensure that the tents are erected unless absolutely necessary or deemed unsafe will not refuse to do so.
• The number of campers per tent is as per agreement with us and should not be exceeded.
The hirer is fully responsible for any loss or damage to the tents or equipment, If the security deposit is insufficient to cover the costs incurred you agree to pay all costs to rectify this.
• Tents are strictly no smoking areas. Should evidence of smoking inside the tent be found then full damage deposit will be retained for cleaning.
• No candles or fires are allowed in tent, nor should they be within close proximity to the tents. We provide LED candles.
• Please do not allow pets in the tents.
• Please do not take things into the tent that could cause staining.Staining of tents and bedding will result in deductions to your security deposit being retained. Thank you for reading, Sunset Sleepovers.